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    Serving this Hispanic Market since 1982

Menper Distributors Inc.

Company Profile

30+ Years of Service to the Hispanic Market

Founded in 1982, Menper Distributors has consistently focused on providing Hispanic consumers with high-quality health and beauty care (HBC) products they know and trust.


Menper creates, develops, and distributes leading brands that Hispanic consumers know and trust from tradition. Through careful consideration of the needs of our customers, distribution partners, and suppliers, Menper serves as a leader in the Hispanic health and beauty care market.


Menper is proud of each of the people and corporate attributes that make the company a leading provider of HBC products to the Hispanic market of the United States:

  • Extensive Experience – 30+ Years of experience in the U.S. Hispanic market
  • Intricate Knowledge – Data driven understanding of different Hispanic ethnicities
  • National Reach – Menper products are actively sold in 40+ states in the US and in Puerto Rico
  • Diverse Product Offerings – 200+ SKUs across various HBC categories
  • Emphasis on Quality - All products are fully-FDA compliant and manufactured under the latest cGMP specifications

Executive Team

  • Alberto L. Perez – President
  • Marc Perez – Chief Operating Officer
  • Anabel Medina – Vice President

Operations Team

  • Yuni Portal – Accounts Payable Manager
  • Lorena Alonso – Shipping Manager
  • Diana Rodriguez – Purchasing Manager
  • Orervis Coto – Warehouse Manager


  • Headquarters & Distribution Center
  • 11421 NW 107th Street, #24
  • Miami, FL 33178
  • Tel: 305-696-7716| Fax: 305-696-0970

  • Chicago Office
  • 1165 North Clark Street
  • Suite 700
  • Chicago, IL 60610


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Contact Us

  • Corporate Office:
  • 11421 NW 107th Street, #24
  • Miami, FL 33178
  • Phone: (305) 696-7716
  • Fax: (305) 696-0970

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